Surgical Technician: a Rewarding Career

It cannot be denied that healthcare will continue to be among the biggest demands of the public regardless of how our economy fairs. Because of this fact, healthcare careers continue to flourish and the surgical technician occupation is among the best examples. Surgeries are a major medical procedure that is performed in order to treat or correct many diseases and medical conditions. This medical procedure also requires a high level of skill and precision, especially since lives are usually on the line. This is the reason why many surgeries are performed by a group of specialists known as the operating room team – and surgical techs are an important part of this team.

Also known as an operating room technician, this healthcare professional provides assistance on many areas of surgical procedures – from the preparation to the delivery of the patient to the recovery room. This occupation is very much rewarding considering the opportunities to help save people’s lives and earn a good amount of compensation at the same time. You also don’t need to spend a big part of your life training just to get started as an operating room technician. In fact, you can acquire an associate’s degree within just 2 years of training. To make sure you maximize your opportunities, you also have to earn certification as an OR technician.

Before any major surgery gets underway, operating room technicians first make sure that the operating room is conducive for a safe procedure – this involves cleaning the operating room and sterilizing all surgical tools that will be used. It is very important that all equipment to be used is properly functioning before surgery commences. They also prepare patients for the procedure by cleaning the area which will be subjected to surgery and checking their vital signs. During the operation, technicians are the ones who pass tools and supplies to surgeons as needed. Once surgery has been completed, they may help dress wounds or bring the patient to the recovery room.

There are certain qualities that you need to have should you decide to become an operating room technician anytime soon. Since surgeries are very intricate procedures, a technician must have excellent vision and be detailed-oriented in every task he is involved in. Mistakes can prove to be costly in any minor or major operation. Candidates for this occupation will also need to have good physical conditioning, especially since long work shifts are not uncommon. In this job, being able to work efficiently under constant pressure is of utmost importance. Keep in mind too that you will be working with surgeons and nurses and therefore ability to precisely follow instructions is important as well.

You can get started at the right path to becoming a surgical technician by finding institutions offering training programs for this career. There are a lot of schools these days which offer online programs that have the same course outline as that of offline programs, but it gives students the chance to study at their own pace while having time for other important commitments. A lot of employment opportunities abound in general medical and surgical hospitals, but an increasing demand for operating room technicians is also evident I outpatient care centers, dental offices, and doctor’s offices as well. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a very good employment growth for this occupation over the next few years.