Qualities Required For Surgical Technologist

Before you can become a surgical technologist, you first need to go through a comprehensive training program which will give you the skills necessary to effectively assist surgeons in the operating room. As an operating room technician, you are a vital part of the surgical team responsible for prepping up the operating room and the equipment to be used. Patients will also be relying on you to get them ready for surgery and assist them once the procedure has been completed. You will also be holding and passing instruments to surgeons during surgeries. To become proficient in your profession, there are certain skills/qualities you need to have or learn as you progress through your training.

A typical scenario experienced by many operating room technicians is having to stand for long periods of time, especially when a surgical procedure is going on. There is always a great deal of pressure and stress in the shoulders of OR techs and they must be able to handle or manage them properly so that it does not affect their quality of work. Proper physical conditioning is therefore important in order to overcome the daily ordeals that technicians face on a daily basis. OR technologists must have a keen eye for details and be thorough when it comes to accomplishing their duties and responsibilities – there is simply no room for error.

As an operating room technologist, you also have to be prepared to be in the midst of unpleasant and stressful scenarios and experiences. It is not uncommon for you to be witnessing the sight of blood and organs during an operation and you have to be able to stomach all of this if you are to take on the role of a surgical technologist. During emergency situations, you must also be able to demonstrate calm and effective responses. Since you will be working with a team during an operation, you must also have the capability to work well with others and be able to follow instructions carefully. Good communication skills will therefore be beneficial for any candidate of this occupation.

While you are in the operating room, it is possible that you will be performing multiple tasks at the same time; therefore you must have excellent presence of mind and be well-adapted to multi-tasking. You will also be working closely with patients as you prepare them for surgery and assist them after the procedure, so having a sense of empathy and genuine concern is important to help make them feel secured and comfortable. Operating room technicians must also have good memory especially when they need to track surgical supplies mentally. The ability to make appropriate decisions at critical times is also needed of any OR technologist.

Anyone who is looking to pursue this lucrative occupation may think that there are a lot of skills and qualities needed in order to be successful. The truth is, there are just a few of them that you need to have naturally in you – other skills can be learned as you go through your training program. Of course you will have to put in some perseverance and dedication so that you would be able to maximize your success in this career. Remember that you will become a part of the medical team dedicated to saving people’s lives, and this is a very honorable and fulfilling experience that no amount of money can ever match.