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Your Surgical Technology Diploma – There are 3 levels of training required to earn your surgical technology diploma. The national exam is the same no matter which level the student wishes to pursue, but there are benefits to obtaining more than just a certificate. A Surgical Technology Diploma can give students extra leverage when applying for employment as a Certified Surgical Technologist. Although some employers may not view candidates with a diploma as qualified as those with a degree, they will certainly consider them more qualified than applicants with certificate only training.

Surgical Technology Diploma Requirements

The basic educational requirements for enrolling in a Surgical Technology Diploma program are the same as enrolling in any Certified Surgical Technologist training course. New students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. For many campus-based schools, applicants must also complete a background check and/or a physical exam.  Some schools might require a basic assessment exam to qualify for the program. Others still will require a written letter of intent explaining why the student wants to enter the Surgical Technology Diploma Program.

Your Surgical Technology Diploma

In contrast to basic Certified Surgical Technologist programs, the Surgical Technology Diploma program will require some general education core classes. These may include subjects such as English, Math, Writing, and Science. Field-specific Surgical Technology Diploma courses include:

  • Anatomy
  • Basic Psychology
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Surgical Procedures

Along with these specialized academic courses, Certified Surgical Technologist diploma applicants will investigate the legal and moral aspects of the job. Students may complete courses in Professional Ethics, HIPPA privacy laws, and different aspects of patient care including patient safety and patient relations.

Obtaining A Surgical Technology Diploma

In addition to the required coursework, some Certified Surgical Technologist schools will require an internship to be completed prior to awarding the Surgical Technology Diploma. Most internships are not paid positions. On the bright side, hours logged as an intern do qualify as college credit and are applied toward the diploma. An internship also provides Certified Surgical Technologist students with valuable hands-on experience in the field they will eventually work in.

There are several options for obtaining a Surgical Technology Diploma. Students who wish to attend on-campus classes may choose from technical schools or colleges. Students who do not have the freedom to attend traditional classes, or who simply want more flexibility, may find Certified Surgical Technologist programs online. Although there are legitimate online courses available, students should take care to choose one that is accredited as non-accredited training will not qualify for the national exam.

Once a student receives their Surgical Technology Diploma, they may sign up to sit for the national exam. This final step in the certification process is crucial as most prospective employers will not consider a diploma as sufficient proof of training and capability.

In all, training as a Certified Surgical Technologist and completing the exam averages a cost of about $6,000. Those who receive a Surgical Technology Diploma and subsequent certification should remember, however, that they must recertify themselves every 5 years to remain current.

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