Why Hire A Professional Career Coach?

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There are times that you don’t know for sure just what you want to do with your life. Finding a career is not always easy—for some people it is blatantly obvious, for others it is not.
Sometimes you may think that you know what you want to do, but your ideas may not quite fit the type of person you are. Talking to someone who is able to coach you along in the process of finding the best career for you—whether that is a surgical technician or a librarian—is a necessity. 

Trying to find a career coach is not all that difficult—you simply must know where to look. While there are a number of different places to find career coaches—and high school counselors might be a good source. Consider looking at different career intelligence sites, or the National Career Development Association for more information. They have a terrific database to get you started on your quest to find a career coach.

Career coaches are not free though—they do charge an hourly rate. What that rate is will depend on the coach, their experience, the area they’re in and more. However, paying the career coach their going rate is worth it—with their ability to help you pin down what you are good at, you’ll be far more likely to succeed in the job you end up in.

Talking with a professional coach will help you find out just what kind of education that you may need in order to become whatever you’re thinking of. However, the coach is first going to talk to you about what your likes and interests are—and conduct an assessment. 

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By taking the time to sit with you, talk to you and then give you the career skills assessment test, the career coach is doing their job quite well. These assessments help the coach pinpoint what would be the most likely area for you to succeed in, due to your interests. 

Seriously, if you are not interested in your job, you’re not going to like it—and you will not want to continue doing it for any real length of time before wanting to change. That’s a waste of time and money for the education that you went through to get the job that you might have been in.

That’s why having the skill assessment done before you spend money on an education is the best thing you could possibly do. If you’re thinking about going into the surgical technology field, yet have no interest in science, then it’s definitely not for you. Many of the courses that you would have to study would be science related—and you may not pay attention.

Researching professional career coaches, and the testing that they will conduct to assess your possible career skills is worth the time and effort. Setting yourself up for the best career path that you can follow is something that you should do.

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