How To Find Surgical Technician Schools?

Choosing among the various Surgical Technician Schools can be tricky considering how many options for Certified Surgical Technician training are out there. Defining ones goals and looking into options that will allow those goals to be met is usually the best place to start. Once a student knows what they wish to accomplish and how much time they can devote to study, they will then be able to decide among technical schools, colleges, and online Surgical Technician Schools.

Surgical Technician Schools: Technical Schools

Technical schools provide training to students who wish to specialize in a career and wish to get started sooner rather than later. Many of these facilities offer Certified Surgical Technician training to those who meet their enrollment requirements and can juggle the schedule. Technical Surgical Technician Schools include:

Colorado Technical University

  • Offers AS in surgical technology
  • Locations in 4 Midwestern states

Lincoln Technical Institute

  • Offers non-degree Surgical Technology certificate
  • Locations in 6 northeastern states and 1 in Florida

Surgical Technician Schools: Colleges

Colleges offer the highest level of Certified Surgical Technician training. At these Surgical Technician Schools, students may choose to pursue various degrees surrounding Surgical Technology. Some offer online training and others do not. Generally, a degree is the only level of education offered, although a few may offer a diploma or certificate only programs. Some Surgical Technician colleges are:


  • Offers Surgical Technician certificates and diplomas, as well as an AAS in Surgical Technology
  • 16 locations nationwide

Everest Colleges, Institutes, & Universities

  • Offers AS degree in Surgical Technology and a non-degree Surgical Technologist diploma
  • 24 locations nationwide

Surgical Technician Schools: Online Programs

Many prospective students searching for Surgical Technician Schools are concerned that online schools may not be legitimate. However, there are many online schools that provide excellent Certified Surgical Technician training. The main thing students should investigate here is whether or not the schools are accredited or not. In order to sit for the national exam, training must be obtained through an accredited facility. Examples of accredited online Surgical Technician Schools include:

Virginia College

  • Offers AS degree in Surgical Technology and non-degree Surgical Technologist diploma
  • Online training courses are available as well as on-campus training in 13 states

Keiser University

  • Offers BS degree in Health Science
  • Online training exclusively

Choosing the Right Surgical Technician Schools

The different types of Surgical Technician Schools will offer different learning experiences for students. One might expect a great deal of hands-on training from a technical school or college while online Certified Surgical Technician programs may not offer any at all. On the other hand, online Surgical Technician Schools offer students greater flexibility with regard to study schedules. Students may be able to study at their own pace, allowing them the freedom to schedule school around their lives and jobs.

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each type of Certified Surgical Technician training experience, but with a little planning, students will be able to choose the type that is best suited for their situation.

The Growing Need For MSc Surgical Technology Courses

Surgical technology is a rapidly growing field in medicine. Due to the demand for more surgeries, the demand for qualified surgical technicians is on the rise. New technology is being introduced and more and more training needs to be implemented. The scope of work has changed drastically. More cooperation is needed between the engineers and computing departments as technology advances.

The objective of Msc Surgical Technology is to guide technicians to more knowledge of the technology they will come across in their field of medicine. Technicians need to gain knowledge in areas of application and development of new technology. The training they will receive will be connected to other fields, such as Engineering and Computers. They will be expected to conduct research in this field and connect their research to the field of clinical medicine and surgery.

Different courses that are offered are courses such as, Endoscopy and New Technology, The Computer Age-Information Technology, and Imaging and Visualization. The role of Surgical Technician is ever evolving.

Requirements for entry into an MSc Surgical Technology course is to have a medical degree or at least a degree in a science or a relevant subject. If you have a medical degree you need at least 2 years of clinical experience preferably with surgical training. For non-medical degrees, you must have at least 2 years experience in your chosen field related to surgery or surgical equipment. You also need basic experience in computing.

The courses are generally offered over a 36 month period, part-time. You usually take 3-course modules during a 3-year cycle with 3 modules per year. Each module is an intense 5-day course equal to 15 credits. There is a total of 35 hours of instruction which includes tutorials, case studies, and distant learning.

A research paper is also assigned. A topic is selected in the first year. A thesis is written which is required to be 10,000 to 15,000 words. The thesis is submitted in the final year.

You must receive a passing grade in at least 7 out of the 9 modules. You must also pass written examinations and receive a passing grade of 50%-70% on your thesis.

Taking this route to obtain an MSc in Surgical Technology is an invaluable endeavor to your goal of working in a surgical career. You will be afforded a higher level of academics. You will develop your abilities to progress further in your field of choice.