Surgical Technology Certification

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A surgical technology certification may not be required in order for a surgical technologist to practice his or her profession but it adds to one’s pride and self-confidence. Acquiring the said certification is an indication that one meets the national standard for knowledge necessary in the practice of surgical technology. Ones an individual is certified, it is an ultimate proof of his or her mastery of a wide range of skills associated with the aseptic technique, patient care, and surgical procedures. Also, all surgical technologists who have taken and passed the CST examination are approved to use the initials “CST” provided that they maintain certification. Getting a surgical technology certification also gives a person the opportunity to land a high-paying job and to be recognized nationwide.

Surgical Technology Certification

History of Surgical Technology Certification

The certifying agency of all surgical technologists, The National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA), was established in 1974. The agency is responsible for all decisions linked to certification; including, a process of getting certified, the content and quality of the exam, and the eligibility to maintain, deny, or grant certification. The Colorado-based agency is governed by nine members of the board; consisting of six certified surgical technologists, a public member, a surgeon appointed by the American College of Surgeons, and a professor of surgical technology. The goal of NBSTSA is to form a standardized way to determine if a person has acquired knowledge of surgical technology both on theory and practice.

What Does The Surgical Technology Certification Exam Cover?

As mentioned, the certifying exam covers all knowledge and skills expected of someone who is capable of entry-level surgical technology under all circumstances and locations. The exam is carefully designed to properly gauge the skills and knowledge of surgical technologists.

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Because the exam is extremely challenging, people who are interested in taking the test are encouraged to prepare for it ahead of time. In order to make sure you are ready to take the test, read through the examination content area outline available online. Familiarize yourself with all the topics and mark those you are not very confident with. You can then take classes or seminars for those study areas. In fact, you can take a mock test online for only $40. That is probably the best determination of your preparedness for the test. The mock is not the same with the actual exam, but it will more or less give you an idea of how the latter will shape up.

If you are certain you are emotionally and mentally ready to become a certified surgical technologist, call NBSTSA and schedule an appointment for a possibility to get the date and time you want for the test. In general, appointments on Saturday fill up rather quickly so if you want that spot you have to work for it. When your schedule is set, know the location of your test center, as well as the actual test room. That way, on the day of the test, you do not have to worry about minor details and focus on what is really important – your certification. Bring identification in order to be admitted in the test center.  To pass the surgical technology certification you will need to study your tail off; do not attempt to take this certification unless you are totally committed.

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