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Surgical Technologist – The surgical technologist is part of a life-saving medical team. This is why a surgical technologist program is so important. Most surgical technician go to surgical technologists schools.  Medical-surgical cures would not be possible if highly skilled, well-trained medical staff were not available. The most highly skilled surgeon is at a severe disadvantage if the operating room is not staffed with all the key players. A surgical suite is a closed circuit, clean, sterile environment where man-made miracles performed daily by a dedicated medical team.

Surgical Technologist

The role of the surgical technologist is vital to a patients care and safety. The certified surgical technologist is often responsible for a myriad of tasks and services, both in the operating room and on the recovery floor. In an earlier time, surgical technologist was often referred to as scrub nurses. The statement meant those were the nurses that cleaned, and sterilized the operating room, assisted the surgeon in their pre-surgical scrub and prep and made sure that surgical tools and equipment were sterile and available.

The Future has Changed

Surgical technician job description has changed over the years and there is now a better looking for surgical technician jobs. No longer referred to as a scrub nurse, the profession now is known as a surgical technologist or surgical technician. Preparing a surgical suite is a small part of the job. Today’s surgeons are able to complete as many procedures as they do because of the skilled surgical technologist. Preparing instruments, sterilizing the surgical field and placing drapes on the patient, showing the surgeon the exact area to be operated on, this is a very, very important point. The surgeon counts on the techs to be their index finger, right or left hand and the extra pair of eyes that keep the patient safe, and give the surgeon the ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Physicians and especially surgeons work in a team environment. Each part of the team plays a critical part in a successful surgery. Surgeons over time build a bond with their techs. Often the technologist has worked beside a skilled surgeon for a long time and knows their every move. If suction or towel and swab counting or instrument management are automatic in response to the actions of the surgeon, then the patient benefits from the professional teamwork. Most successful medical/surgical practices have several surgical technologists on staff and they each have special roles to play for the practice in general. From pre-op thru post -op the surgical tech provides information to the physician, registered nurses, anesthesiologist, and other members, to keep every piece of information current and available as the procedure starts and ends

How Important They Really are

A surgical technologist is a key player in a medical practice. The advanced skills and disciplines that the tech brings to a practice, give the surgeon and his registered nurses a knowledgeable skilled pair of hands and valuable insight into patient treatment. Surgical technologists get to develop bedside manors that aid the physician. Being in close proximity to the patients provides extra information to the team and brings the comforting information that knowledge can provide to the patient. Something as small as knowing what music the surgeon likes and how loud he likes it can be a good icebreaker when surgeon and tech are working with a new team. The surgical technologist becomes a component that is often a motivating and driving force for the surgeon and his practice.

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