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Surgical Technician Association – Surgical procedures are getting more and more complex with every passing day. With advancements in medical technology, we see more and more people in the surgery room whose lives are saved with new technologies.

We are seeing a new breed of medical professionals called Surgical Technicians who are helping the surgeons with various surgical procedures in the surgical room. Health care costs are increasing which is part of the reason why the demand for surgical technicians is also seeing a jump. The job of the surgical technicians is to help the surgeon or the anesthesiologists before, after and during the surgery. They are generally placed under the nurse’s or the supervisor’s supervision.

Surgical Technician Association

The specific job responsibilities of a surgical technician involve making the surgical room and instruments ready for the operation. They also have to prepare the patients for the surgery.

This is a very lucrative career and there are many surgical technician colleges and schools that impart education in this field. A growing number of youngsters are interested in making a full-time career as a surgical technician.

Surgical technicians also have recognized associations to press the profession forward, and bring about the necessary changes at the state and national levels to impart the highest level of skill and knowledge required in the field. There are many associations of surgical technicians that have been established but the one that is most popular and widely recognized is The Association of Surgical Technologists (AST).

In the year 1969 the foundation for the Association of Surgical Technologists was laid. Thus came into existence one of the most popular association of surgical technologists and surgical assistants in America.

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The Association of Surgical Technologists was formed by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), the Association of preoperative Registered Nurses (AORN) and the American Hospital Association (AHA). This is the only association that has been built solely to ensure the high quality of services from the surgical technologists and surgical assistants.

There are several steps that have been taken by the AST to succeed in their mission to provide highly training surgical technicians so that the high quality of patient care can be maintained.

The association continuously strives to promote the profession with the following:

  1. It is trying to set new standards in the field of education for surgical technicians. This is the reason that it is working in tandem with the Accreditation Review Committee on Education in Surgical Technology (ARC-ST) and trying to find newer ways to refine education.
  2. It is also trying to get specific laws enacted for making graduation in surgical technology from an accredited college mandatory to start with a career in surgical technician. Thus, it is trying in every possible way to set new standards and maintain them to produce the best surgical technology professionals.

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