Salary Negotiations for Surgical Technicians

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Salary Negotiations for Surgical Technicians – There is absolutely no one that really likes to go through the process of negotiating their salary—everyone truly dreads it.  The process itself can be annoying, and quite often, the employer holds the upper hand, not the employee.

Many people don’t know how to go about salary negotiations, especially when they think that there isn’t too much room for growth in their career.  However, this is not the case in regards to becoming a surgical technician, as there is the opportunity for growth.

Salary Negotiations for Surgical Technicians

You, as a surgical technician, are truly an important part of the surgical team in the operating room.  At the beginning of your career, you may only be a surgical technician, and work in a general operating room.
However, showing flexibility in your schedule, and a willingness to learn will help in your salary negotiations.  Demonstrate to your employer that you are willing to help them out—but keep track of everything that you do.

Keeping up on your certifications is an integral part of your job—but extending yourself just a little bit further so that you can go a step up is important.  Showing that you are serious about learning more about what you do by becoming a higher level surgical technician—such as a surgical first assistant—will be an ace in your bag.

When it comes time to talk to your employer about negotiating your salary, take the time to make a list beforehand.  On that list, including such things as your current certifications, continuing education, and your current job responsibilities.

Walk into the negotiations with a sense of confidence about you, but don’t seem cocky or overly sure of yourself.  Your employer may take you down a notch or two, very quickly, and totally dismiss your negotiations.

While in the talk, talk to your employer about the responsibilities that you are willing to take on.  Discuss what education you are planning on taking during the negotiation period.

Compare notes with the employer about your job performance, and their expectations for you.   Then discuss—politely, without being rude or snarky about it—the average pay of surgical technicians in the area that you work in.

Growing within your career happens with experience and education.  Learn about regulating blood flow, and you’ll take a step up in the technology field.  This will require additional certification on your part but will be worth it.

Go further on in your certification, and learn how to apply monitors, interview patients and even manage specimens.  These particular jobs will bring you to an even higher level job of being a surgical technician.
Other opportunities exist for surgical technicians, even outside the operating room.  Being able to manage surgical supplies and inventories are another option that surgical technicians can go for.

Career growth is possible, and so are negotiations for surgical technician salaries. Whether you choose to negotiate on your own or to use the backing of a union, you can do it.

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