Operating Room Technician Training and Information

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Operating room technician training does not require certification in any state.  However, employers will insist on an Operating Room Technician Certification before they will consider hiring you.  When you consider the Operating Room Technician job description of the position which includes but is not limited to, the sterilization of equipment and surgical instruments, interaction with patients and assisting nurses with patient IV’s and preparing the operating room for surgery. All require a unique set of skills and knowledge.

Operating Room Technician Training and Information

If you’ve dreamed of a career doing something in the medical field why not think about getting operating room technician training?  Take a look at the information regarding education, experience, and the required certification. Then decide.

Operating Room Technician Training Specifics

There are several ways you can get your training certification.  Universities as well as community colleges, offer Operating Room Technician courses for certification or diplomas to become an operating room technician.  It can take anywhere between 9 months up to two years to complete the training. In order to enroll, you should have a high school diploma.

Operating Room Tech Schools and Course Work

The typical courses will include anatomy, physiology, microbiology, aseptic procedures and medical ethics.  But your training goes much deeper than just classroom experience.  You will also get experience in clinical environments as well.  You will learn sterilization techniques, how to prevent infections, and how to properly handle surgical instruments, equipment, and medicine.

Further operating room tech training includes the importance of maintaining a safe environment for patients.

Additionally, you should have excellent reading, writing and math skills.  You should also be able to communicate and express ideas clearly.  You will be working with patients, doctors, and nurses continually. A positive team player is an attribute that will work in your favor.

Operating Room Technician Training and Certification

Before you can take the exam for certification, you will have to graduate from a program accredited by The National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. In addition to graduating, you must have accumulated some work experience and have had on the job operating room technician training. This requirement can usually be satisfied through your clinical training. Once you’re certified you will need to renew your certification once every 4 years.

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Operating Room Technician Jobs

The likelihood of you getting hired without certification is slim.  This career is very competitive.  Your competition will be certified and has the ability to earn a higher operating room technician salary.  If an employer has to choose between a candidate who has certification versus one that does not, the choice is obvious.  Besides getting certified right from the start means you can look toward advancing your career when you’re ready to take the next step up.

Are You Ready?

If you did not graduate from high school you can your GED.  Then enroll in an accredited certification program and get ready to become a part of one of the most in the demand careers now and in the next decade.

The training may seem pretty easy compared to other medical professions and that may indeed be true. However, don’t underestimate the training required.  You are training to become a member of the medical community. Your training is just as important as anyone else.

As an operating room technician you will be an integral part of the process that improves the lives of everyday individuals and in many cases saves lives. The operating room technician training you receive will prepare you for the job of our dreams.

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