Medical Careers In The Operating Room

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Medical careers in the operating room are expected to experience faster than average growth according to the U.S. Department of Labor.  If you’re considering a career in the medical field this is an exciting area with great potential for advancement.

Choosing to work in this area of the medical industry requires proper education, certification, motivation and the ability to work in a team like an environment.  In order for any operation procedure to be successful, it not only requires a skilled surgeon.  A skilled supporting staff working in conjunction with several medical professionals is also needed to help achieve a positive outcome for the patient.

Medical Careers In The Operating Room

Surgery is an area that is both fascinating and full of challenges.  Individuals interested in medical careers in the operating room have several options to consider.   They are a surgical assistant, operating room nurse, surgical technician,  and of course surgeon.  There are others, such as Operating Room RN, but these are primarily the most in-demand careers in the area of surgery.

Each position requires a specific level of education and or certification in order to begin a career in one of these areas.  Some positions may require training from an accredited school certification program while others require advanced 4-year bachelor degrees and more.

Medical Careers in the Operating Room Job Outlook

The job growth for medical careers in the operating room is expected to grow by 25 percent by 2018. However, some positions will become much more valuable than others as hospitals look to reduce operating costs.  So while this is a career area that should see great growth, it will do so at the expense of at least one position.  This would be due to the ability of one position to absorb the duties of another, especially where the job itself overlaps when it comes to executing certain procedures.

Medical Careers in the Operating Room Roles and Responsibilities

Here’s a brief overview of the duties of surgical assistants and technologists and operating room nurses.  Not to be confused with “surgical technologists” they are also known as First surgical assistants.  Of all the medical careers in the operating room, the surgical assistant has the greatest potential for growth.  This position requires an individual to prepare the operating room before the actual surgery begins.  This would basically include making sure there are bandages, linens and of course surgical instruments.  An individual considering this position should have the ability to pay close attention to detail.  During an operation procedure, the surgical assistant is also responsible for handling the surgeon specific instruments. They also play a role during the actual surgery in that they can treat wounds, handle retractors for the surgeon and other procedures common in surgery.

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Surgical technologists are often confused with surgical assistants.  The technologist sets up various instruments for surgery, assists with maintaining a sterile environment and transports patients to and from surgery. They do not, however, assist the surgeon during the operating procedure itself.

Job Description Operating Room Nurse

No surgery would be complete without the assistance of the operating room nurse. He or she is a registered nurse who also has additional advanced training in operating room procedures. They will also assist in the preparation of the operating room prior to the actual surgery.  Operating room nurses will also help prepare the patients for surgery as well as assist the surgeon during the surgery.

The most successful candidates for these medical careers in the operating room will be those individuals who have prepared themselves well through education and job experience.

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