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Certified Surgical Technologist – For many people, helping others, saving lives, is something that they would like to do, and a career that has a potential for them. In fact, there’s a lot of careers in the medical field available for people to pursue, and they all require their own specific skills and training. Some people become full-on doctors, going to college for many years and becoming highly skilled in an area of the human body. But maybe you would like a lighter workload, something that can be achieved with a few years of training, and still puts you in the center of the action. A certified surgical technologist is a field that needs a lot of people and provides a center stage in the operating room.

Certified Surgical Technologist

Certified surgical technologists are also called scrubs or surgical gloves, and are basically the people in charge of helping doctors during surgical operations. This can cover any type of operation done in a hospital or clinic, and typically involves several technologists for every patient. As such, the openings in this field are usually quite good. To become a certified surgical technologist, you need a few key skills. First, since it is a medical profession, you get to deal with patients every day. As such, your actions can have a direct influence on whether that patient lives or dies. While the doctor is the final authority in the room and gets to make all the decisions, you’re basically acting as his or her support, and providing them with tools when they request it, monitor consoles, and are responsible for making sure the room is clean and ready for the next patient, with all of the equipment and documentation needed. As such, it can be a stressing job, and you must be able to stay concentrated at all time.

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In order to become a certified surgical technologist, you need to first go through college. Unlike doctors, you don’t need to get a doctorate. You still need to go through a junior or community college at the very least and get through a degree. Not all technologists are certified either, but most are, and it’s a good idea if you want this as a career to go through certification, as it will open up some more doors for you. The CAAHEP certification is optional and can be obtained at one of the many testing centers around the country. There are some requirements, like being enrolled in continuing education and having some practical experience. You’ll be expected to know the basic skills and be able to perform your job expertly, such as handling tools quickly and providing anything a doctor may need inside the operating room.

Overall, the career of a certified surgical technologist can be filled with action and unexpected demands. It’s a job that can be very fulfilling for people who like fast paced work and can handle stress well. Becoming certified is a good way to ensure that you will find a job, and get employed in the clinic or hospital you want.

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