5 Traits of Surgical Technicians

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5 Traits of Surgical Technicians – Working as a surgical technician can be very demanding. It’s a growth industry at the moment but employers are still looking for qualified professionals with the necessary traits to do the job well. You might think you want to be a surgical tech, but how do you know if you have the necessary characteristics to not only succeed but enjoy this career? Here are five common traits of strong surgical technicians:

5 Traits of Surgical Technicians

  1. High attention to detail. Surgical techs are in charge of very important tasks and failure to complete them can have very serious consequences. More importantly, each task must be completed with the highest precision and accuracy. This is not a job that can be done halfway. Employers are looking for trains surgical technicians which take pride in their work and understand the importance of each job.
  2. Experience and training. In order to work as a surgical tech, you need to know and understand the details of the job. Luckily, surgical tech training and certification is available in many locations all over the country. It’s a short program, usually 1-2 years, and many professionals receive financial aid or even tuition reimbursements from employers.  But the medical field is always changing and surgical techs have to grow along with the field in order to do the best job possible. Employers are looking for surgical techs who are knowledgeable of relevant medical technology and who can perform duties required in modern work environments.
  3. Flexibility. A career as a surgical tech can require a flexible work schedule depending on the industry in which you work. Some surgical techs must work graveyard shifts and holidays. Others will need to be on call and be prepared to come to work at the drop of a hat if needed. This can be a deal-breaker in certain work environments.
  4. A strong stomach. Being a surgical tech requires that you work with the human body or at least be exposed to it. More than likely, you witness graphic scenes during your career as a surgical tech. Professionals in this career should have the capacity to deal with bodies, body fluids, and blood while remaining physiologically and psychologically intact. In an emergency situation, there is no time to nurse a fainting surgical tech back to health. You must be able to rise to the occasion no matter what the circumstances might be
  5. Be a team player. The medical work environment involves lots of different people doing lots of different things. The team needs to be able to work together in order to provide the best care for each patient. Surgical techs must be able to work well with others in order to get the job done. You must be professional at all times and never allow other circumstances in your life interfere with your work while you’re on the clock.

Surgical techs have a lot of responsibility. They must be mature, responsible professionals in order to do the job well. Know your stuff. Work well with others. And work hard. You can be the ideal surgical tech

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